This section is a good starting point to get to know the Hydrogen Valleys on this platform on an aggregate level. It provides general information on project locations, investment and production volumes as well as staff members involved in the project. It also presents an overview on where the projects stand in terms of their project development and associated timelines.

Value Chain

This section is all about technology – from the primary energy source for hydrogen to the final application in various end sectors, this section provides great details on the technologies deployed along the value chain in Hydrogen Valleys. You can find insights into the hydrogen production technologies used, the storage and transport options deployed as well as which end sectors the projects target.


The preparation section is all about project development – how are the Hydrogen Valleys set up? What are their main activities during project development? Are there dedicated governance mechanisms in place? What stakeholders are involved? Find out about the key success factors in the projects' preparation phase in this section.


In the financing section, the Hydrogen Valleys provide insights into their main activities in their financing phase, their cost, budgets, budget sources as well as overall competitiveness levels. Lastly, you can also find the key success factors for the financing phase of Hydrogen Valleys in this section.


For the impact section, Hydrogen Valleys were asked to look beyond their immediate core project – what are the overarching industrial policy goals of the stakeholders developing Hydrogen Valleys? What are the benefits, not only to the stakeholders but also beyond for the general public and the region overall?