This section is based on the most comprehensive survey that has ever been conducted on Hydrogen Valleys globally. More than 2,500 data points collected from more than 30 Hydrogen Valleys offer an exclusive look inside the projects and provide you with details on the Valleys' fundamentals, technologies deployed, project development, financing aspects as well as overarching project goals and benefits.


Also based on the Hydrogen Valley Survey, this section explores the barriers that the Hydrogen Valleys indicated. Both during the preparation and the financing phase, the projects provide an exclusive look into their specific challenges and hurdles they faced or are facing to this day. On top of that, have a look at the most important regulations for successful projects according to the Hydrogen Valleys.

Best Practices

The Best Practice section offers insights into various topics commonly identified as main hurdles and barriers for Hydrogen Valleys, ranging from how to successfully obtain both private and public funding, how to secure off-take commitments, manage technological risk, cooperate with project stakeholders and much more. The Best practices are based on comprehensive interviews with outstanding Hydrogen Valleys that have been managing selected challenges particularly well.


The final report regarding the Hydrogen Valley Platform can be found here.