The Hydrogen Valley platform is a joint initiative by the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking and Mission Innovation.

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The Hydrogen Valley Platform

The Hydrogen Valley platform is a global collaboration platform for all information on large-scale hydrogen flagship projects and aims to facilitate a clean energy transition by promoting the emergence of integrated hydrogen projects along the value chain as well as by raising awareness among policy makers. On this platform, the most advanced Hydrogen Valleys around the globe provide insights into their project development. Explore the world map and discover the profiles of the Hydrogen Valleys represented on the platform or go to the analysis section to find out more about the projects on an aggregate level. If you like to get in touch with a Hydrogen Valley developer directly, the matchmaking section provides you with that possibility.

Mission Innovation

Mission Innovation (MI) is a global initiative of 23 countries and the European Commission (on behalf of the European Union) working to reinvigorate and accelerate global clean energy innovation with the objective to make clean energy widely affordable.

The Mission Innovation Hydrogen Valley Platform has been developed under the framework of Mission Innovation's "Renewable and Clean Hydrogen" Innovation Challenge. Its objective is to accelerate the development of a global hydrogen market by identifying and overcoming key technology barriers to the production, distribution, storage, and use of hydrogen at gigawatt scale. The Innovation Challenge is co-led by Australia, Germany and the European Commission and has more than ten participating member countries around the world.

The Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (and its predecessor, the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking is an EU body, in the form of a unique public private partnership supporting research, technological development and demonstration (RTD) activities in fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies in Europe. Its aim is to accelerate the market introduction of these technologies, realising their potential as an instrument in achieving a carbon-clean energy system.

Fuel cells, as an efficient conversion technology, and hydrogen, as a clean energy carrier, have a great potential to help fight carbon dioxide emissions, to reduce dependence on hydrocarbons and to contribute to economic growth. The objective of the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking is to bring these benefits to Europeans through a concentrated effort from all sectors. The three members of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership are the European Commission, fuel cell and hydrogen industries represented by Hydrogen Europe and the research community represented by Hydrogen Europe Research.

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roland berger

Roland Berger, founded in 1967, is the only leading global consultancy of German heritage and European origin. With 2,700 employees working from 35 countries, it operates in all major international markets. Roland Berger's 51 offices are located in the key global business hubs. The consultancy is an independent partnership owned exclusively by over 300 Partners. With a growing cross-functional expert group, Roland Berger serves clients from the private and public along the entire hydrogen value chain with a variety of management consulting services – from corporate strategies to project development and investor support.

Inycom is a Spanish technology company headquartered in Zaragoza. Founded in 1982, Inycom has a long recognized experience thanks to its success based on business excellence guiding principles. Inycom´s core business consists in providing high quality technology solutions and services in different fields including Information and Communications Technologies, Energy, Digital Businesses, Laboratory and Healthcare, Biotechnology, and turnkey Engineering projects, which make of Inycom the largest innovative company in the region of Aragon. In the field of fuel cells and hydrogen, Inycom works in several projects as system integrator and also developing tailor-made IT platforms for user-friendly presentation of data.