The Hydrogen Valleys Update Report has been published as part of the 13th Clean Energy Ministerial and 7th Mission Innovation (CEM13/MI7 2022) ministerial in Pittsburgh, USA and provides insights into the global hydrogen market development, details into different Hydrogen Valley concepts, and an outlook on the changes and additions of the H2.0 Hydrogen Valley Platform re-launch in 2023. The final report from the initial platform launch summarizes the findings of the platform, presents identified best practices for successful project development, and offers recommendations for policy makers on how to provide a favourable policy environment that paves the way to reach the Hydrogen Valleys' full potential as enablers of the global hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen Valleys Update Report (2022)

The update report in English is available here.

Full report on Hydrogen Valleys (2021)

The full final report in English is available here.

Executive summary of full report (2021)


The Executive Summary of the final report of the Mission Innovation Hydrogen Valley platform is available here: